Honoree 2013

Connect13 Honoree!

brianstarbucks4Brian Moura, the former Assistant City Manager for the City of San Carlos was a pioneer in the use of technology to inform, respond and engage the citizens  City of San Carlos.  He has always been a believer that government was better when its electorate was informed and used  social media and internet to make the City of San Carlos more open, and transparent. His trailblazing  served the County as a whole.  He saw the potential for Peninsula Television as a shared resource among public entities and a forum for local government.  As a member of Silicon Valley:Joint Ventures he kept pace with the leaps in technology and considered the possibilities for local government. His accomplishments are too numerous to list here but his passion, vision and leadership in civic engagement and the use of technology are the reasons why Brian Moura is the perfect choice for our inaugural CONNECT Event.

City Web Site & Public Information. Brian developed one of the first City Web Sites in the world in May 1994.  The web site grew to over 10,000 pages of information on City services, programs and projects, an email list serve (eNotify) that has over 8,400 subscribers today (the City’s population is 28,000+) indexed videos of Council and Commission Meetings, full Council and Commission Meeting Packets on the www.epackets.net web portal and links to Twitter (over 4,600 fans) and Facebook (over 3,000 fans).  San Carlos received a national Technology Achievement Award for citizen information and transparency for this program.

Fiber Optic Network. Brian created a partnership with the City, Schools, Parent Volunteers and Tech Companies led to San Carlos schools being a “beta site” for the national Net Day program recognized by Vice President Al Gore.  Subsequently, a franchise agreement was negotiated with Comcast that led to a high speed fiber optic “I-Net” that connects every City and School Building in San Carlos through the year 2020.

In addition to his work at the City, Moura represented San Carlos on a variety of multi-City, Countywide, Regional, Statewide and National projects and organizations.  He served as the Chairman of the San Mateo County Telecom Authority (SAMCAT) and has previously served as the Chairman of the San Mateo City/County Managers Association and the South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA).  He also has served on the Board of Directors of Smart Valley, the Center for Innovation in Education and Public Technology Institute.

Brian was involved in the formation of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley, a public/private collaborative organization that was developed to stimulate the Silicon Valley economy by using the people, companies, agencies, technology and resources of the region.  He has played a leading role in a number of their major initiatives over the years including Smart Voter (now part of the League of Women Voters in a number of states across the nation), Smart Permit, Smart Schools, Challenge 2000, Net Day, Wireless Silicon Valley (Co-Chair) and most recently the 42 agency Silicon Valley Climate Protection Task Force (Co-Chair).

In 2012, Brian was named a Public Technology Institute (PTI); he was also a prior recipient of the PTI Technology Leadership Award and co-editor of the book, “Smart Permit: A Blueprint for Success” that was published by PTI, Smart Valley and Joint Venture: Silicon Valley.