About Connect 14

In the heart of Silicon Valley, our residents tote smart phones, tablets and laptops and they demand instant service and access to information. Keeping up with a tech-savvy constituency is a monumental challenge for public agencies. We know!

As elected representatives in San Mateo County, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and Supervisor Warren Slocum teamed up to offer the first-ever technology conference, designed for local government and nonprofit leaders. Last year, Connect13 explored the theme of Strengthening Communities through Social Media.

This year’s conference, Connect14: Strengthening Communities through Technology, will focus on how technology is impacting local government, schools, non-profits and the constituents these communities serve. It will also explore the technology strengths, gaps and gains of our public schools and showcase some of the best real-life uses of technology in the public/nonprofit sectors.

Connect14 is designed to fire your imagination, to encourage and expand your thinking, and to plant seeds on how to use technology effectively to engage your constituents…online…where they already are.

We have an exciting line-up of keynote presenters, panels, discussions, Q & A, lunch, demonstrations AND if you want, a high level, informal review of your organization’s Facebook page by Facebook staff!

Hope to see you there!  Seating is limited–sign-up now for the Connect14 Conference on September 24 at Facebook!