Courtney Bowman

Courtney Bowman co-directs Palantir’s Privacy and Civil
Liberties Engineering Team.

As lead for Palantir Technologies’ in-house Privacy and
Civil Liberties Team, Courtney Bowman works extensively
with local government (including law enforcement, criminal
justice, health and social services) and philanthropic
partners to develop technology-driven solutions to
information sharing and inter-agency cooperation in a
manner that respects applicable privacy, security, and
data integrity requirements. Additionally, Bowman and his team actively engage with members of Palantir’s esteemed advisory council and the privacy advocacy world
at large to explore privacy and data protection challenges on the horizon and ensure that the broader concerns from the community are addressed in the design and implementation of Palantir’s software platforms. Prior to Palantir, Courtney earned degrees in Physics and Philosophy at Stanford University and
worked as a quantitative and economic analyst at Google.