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Our world is changing rapidly as residents toting smart phones and tablets demand instant service and access to information. Keeping up with a tech-savvy constituency is a monumental challenge for public agencies.

As elected representatives in Silicon Valley, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and Supervisor Warren Slocum created Connect13: Strengthening Communities through Social Media. Their goal is to explore how local government leaders can embrace technology and social media to not only improve public service but to engage residents in civic life and create a digital commons.

This is the first – ever gathering of San Mateo County’s elected and appointed government leaders to discuss why and how our communication strategies must change to engage a technologically savvy constituency.  This series of panel discussions and keynote presentations by recognized thought leaders will address social media and help plant seeds on how to use it effectively to engage people in civic discourse, encourage them to volunteer, and take an active leadership role.

As of (today), Oct. 15, registration for Connect13 is closed.  Should you decide to register, you will be put on a “Wait List.”  We will notify you if space becomes available. Thanks for your interest!