Welcome to Connect19!

During the past six years we have hosted this conference, we have challenged public sector and non-profit leaders to embrace new technology or to create hybrid uses that combine innovation and technology to advance important social goals. We have highlighted civic engagement and social media, mobile platforms, education focused on start-ups, changing government delivery models and disruptive technologies. At Connect19, we will continue our exploration of how technologies continue to shape our society by focusing on social impact and beneficial use. Through a morning of short presentations and panel discussions, we want to explore the future of cities. Our speakers will share their ideas, their stories, their passions, what’s captured their current thinking, and the power and creativity of their thinking will challenge us! As local government thought leaders and community change agents, we invite you to Connect19. Let’s look ahead – together!

Let’s reimagine the way we might serve people in our communities, schools, nonprofits and county agencies as we re-shape land use and mobility, and how technology will be deployed in the future!


Marc Berman

California Assembly Member

Kevin Mullin

California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore

Warren Slocum

San Mateo County Supervisor

Rosanne Foust

President & CEO, SAMCEDA


Peter Calthorpe

Principal & Founder

Calthorpe Associates


Jenny Dearborn


Actionable Analytics Group


Barrie Hathaway

President, CEO



Sean Holman

Product Manager

Ellis & Associates


Neil Peretz

Founder, General Counsel

Contract Wrangler


Stacey Porter

VP of People Operations & Culture

Outset Medical

Josh Portner


Real Estate District Dev., Google


Keshia Theobald-Van Gent

Strategic Partnerships Director



Ulysses Vinson


SMC Labs