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As we have witnessed in the past few months, there have been significant strides in mobility, not only autonomous vehicles, but also in how “things” move around. Concurrently, we have also been reminded of the vulnerability of our personal information, and the treasure trove of data that is constantly collected. How are we preparing and responding and what are the policy implications of these changes? At our Connect17 Conference, Disruptive Technologies that Impact our Communities, we will hear from top technology leaders who are shaping our world and disrupting the way things have been done in business, education, elections, transportation – and with the big data collected. Our speakers will share their ideas, their stories, their passions, what’s captured their current thinking, and the power and creativity of their thinking will challenge us! As local government thought leaders and community change agents, we invite you to Connect17. Let’s look ahead – together!

Let’s reimagine the way we might serve people in our communities, schools, nonprofits and county agencies with big data in the age of autonomous things! Assemblyman Marc Berman, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, Supervisor Warren Slocum, Rosanne Foust

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Warren Slocum Profile

Warren Slocum
County of San Mateo, 4th District

County Supervisor

Marc Berman Profile

Marc Berman
California State Assembly


Rosanne Foust Profile

Rosanne Foust

President & CEO

Kevin Mullin Profile

Kevin Mullin
California State Assembly


Jon Walton

Jon Walton
County of San Mateo
Connect 17 Honoree

Chief Information Officer

Barbara Simons Profile

Barbara Simons
U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Board of Advisors

Ryan Popple

Ryan Popple

President & CEO

Mark Rosekind Profile

Mark Rosekind Ph.D.
Chief Safety Innovation Officer

Zoox, Inc.

Victoria Virasingh Profile

Victoria Virasingh
Palantir Technologies

Public-Private Partnerships

Peter Gigante Profile

Peter Gigante

Head of Policy Research

Christopher Finan Profile

Christopher Finan
Manifold Technology

CEO & Co-Founder

Rod Ogawa Profile

Rod Ogawa, Ph.D.
Silicon Valley Data Trust


Ryan Tuohy Profile

Ryan Tuohy
Starship Technologies

SVP Business Development

Mike McNerney Profile

Mike McNerney
CEO & Co-Founder

Efflux Systems